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UN World Tuna Day - 2 May, SDGs 8 and 14

Today the focus is on the "... importance of conservation management to ensure that we have systems in place to prevent tuna stocks from crashing. Many countries depend heavily on tuna resources for food security and nutrition, economic development, employment, government revenue, livelihoods, culture, and recreation." Essentially, our attention is drawn to fishing especially of tuna, responsible for approximately 20% of the value of "marine capture."

For a sustainable livelihood in fishing, rod and reel is the desired method. Check out:

One of the leaders in sea life conservation and sustainable fishing is Rare. Click the button to see their current job openings:

Friend of the Sea and Project World Sustainability Organization maintains a list of companies that practice sustainable fishing techniques. Your students and clients interested in fishing can check out the companies at the link for career opportunities:

Also, have your clients and students check out the following sites:

Here is a fun viral song dedicated to the tuna. Note that the dance moves promote rod and reel fishing - sustainable!


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