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  • Writer's pictureDr. Gemma Williams, Trinidad, Tobago, & USA

UN World Food Day - 16 October - SDGs/Global Goals 2 & 3: Zero Hunger & Good Health and Well-Being

On October 16, the United Nations celebrate World Food Day. Among others things, we all need nutritious food to maintain a healthy lifestyle. What we consume affects our health and what we produce affect our planet. Unfortunately, while some parts of the world enjoy an abundance of food, other regions suffer from serious lack of nutritious food. Existing drought and poverty, now compounded by the COVID-19 have created a hunger pandemic in many regions.

COVID-19 has shown us how rapidly what is going on in one region of the world can spread to other regions. We need to ask ourselves, are we willing to share what we have with those who are less fortunate than we are? For example, sharing food, production technology, environmental strategies, and other resources that can improve the quality and quantity of food and can save lives in the process.

Career Development Professionals can encourage students to explore the agri-food systems and become involved in the actual production of food and non-food agricultural products. Such involvement could increase awareness of the need to reduce waste and to seek ways to mitigate the effects of climate change and environmental disasters that negatively affect our food supply.


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