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UN International Day of Rural Women - 15 October SDGs/Global Goals 5 & 10: Ending Inequalities

Updated: Jan 29, 2022


15 October, was International Day of Rural Women. This is a day designated by the United Nations. International Day of Rural Women | UN Women – Headquarters ‘The theme this year for the International Day of Rural Women (15 October), “Rural Women Cultivating Good Food for All”, highlights the essential role that rural women and girls play in the food systems of the world’.

Let’s start the career conversation with a few guiding questions:

Q. As professionals from the careers sector how can we initiate career counselling, career guidance and start-up career advising to ensure collaboration and better access for rural women?

Q. How often do we as a career’s community facilitate careers outreach capacity development programs in collaboration with community mobilizers for rural women in their respective communities?

Q. What is preventing us to work in collaboration with the corporate sector and philanthropists to co-develop programmes for rural women’s career development?

Let’s collectively commit for a careers and livelihood day for rural women in their respective communities. The day will inspire talented women to think big and broaden their career horizon to pursue meaningful and futuristic careers contributing to economic prosperity and decent work.

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