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UN International Day of the Girl Child - 11 October SDGs/Global Goals 5 & 10

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

October 11 is celebrated as International Day of the Girl Child | by the United Nations

As career scholars and career practitioners our role is important in enlightening and empowering girls especially in the COVID pandemic and rural areas; access to digital opportunities and enabling girls in becoming a technology trailblazer!

Here are some guiding questions to start the career conversation:

1) Which career & digital literacy resources can we provide to girls of the rural areas?

2) How pro-active are we in forming alliances with community mobilizers and technology companies for rural areas so that gender digital divide in connectivity, devices and use, skills and jobs are more accessible to girls?

3) What are some of the innovative ways we can educate girls in providing digital literacy?

4) To ensure access we as career professionals require flexibility, how often do we offer sessions for girls in rural areas on social media, digital marketing, blogging, developing YouTube videos?

5) Possible career pathways for girls:

Digital Educator, Trainer, Blogger, YouTuber, Entrepreneur

As an entry point we humbly request for a commitment from the corporate sector and technology and digital companies to invest in corporate social responsibility; education digital literacy programs ensuring greater access for girls in the rural areas.

Note by Blog Master: Digital Careers include: Software Designer/Programmer. Computer Information Systems, Cyber Security (the career of my college roommate)


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