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Updated Submission Guidelines - 26 January 2022

Updated: May 12, 2022

Blog Guidelines and Considerations for Submissions

for advocating for an international day related to our profession

This blog is under the purview of the WNAR-APCDA. Email your submission to Professor Redd,, with Subject: BLOG

1. To eliminate copyright issues:

a. Do not include an image with your post because one will be selected from Wix.

b. Do not include video unless you made it yourself. If you decide to heed my advice

then do please do the following:

i. Get a URL for your video because it will not be uploaded.

ii. If you deem video is necessary, then please be conservative when linking it in

your submission. (i.e.TED Talks). The Blog Master needs to watch the video

before making the post. (Note: Most people, especially students should not be burden with a video more than a minute - five in length of time.)

2. Profile Image: We need one for you!

Submit a photo as a jpg/jpeg the first time you submit. Include your highest

educational title (i.e. M.S., B.A., PhD.), country(ies) in which you reside, and professional title.

3. Every month, you will receive a two months in advance notice of the days needing posts. The earlier you submit the better especially considering posts are only done on Saturdays

and Sundays, PST/PDT Zone.

4. Edit your own work. Feedback will not be provided unless there is content that needs to

be rewritten or eliminated. Inappropriate or controversial comments will not be posted. Ask your colleagues and friends to help with editing your work.

5. Submit your entry using Arial, 12 pt (the preferred font and size).

6. Remember that the blog is international and for people from all walks of life and

socioeconomic backgrounds. Unless tied directly to the UN Day, avoid religious and

political commentary. Be culturally and humanity sensitive.

7. Be kind and patient with the Blog Master who, remember, is just one person.

8. Subscribe to the blog so that you get updates.

9. Posting is only done on Saturdays or Sundays PST or PDT Zone.

10. Remember to share the posts and overall blog on LinkedIn, Twitter. Soon the blog will be

relocated to a site that allows posting to Meta (Facebook and Instagram).

11. Communications about your post will be through LinkedIn. Make an profile there if you

do not have one. Include your LinkedIn link in your submission.

12. Sign-ups for posting are done through

13. Submissions are preferred in English. At this time, we are able to accept posts written in

Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

14. Realize we appreciate your contributions. Thank you. If you sign-up to post and don't

send the submission, realize you won't be judge. You could be busier than expected. If

need be, submit the post later or select a different UN day.

15. You are appreciated. Thank you so very much.

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