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International Youth Day - 12 August SDGs/Global Goals 3, 4 & 16

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

August 12 is the United Nations International Youth Day.

As a #careerdevelopmentprofessional who is also a parent I’m often asked when I think is an ideal time to educate kids and youth about careers. My answer: It begins with our own mindsets the moment a child is born. Since day one we help them develop skills and experiences critical to their #careerdevelopment and #lifelong#success: from interacting with families and caregivers, #self-regulating and managing BIG feelings, to discovering interests and strengths.

Further resources I’d recommend to inform and improve #careerconversations with #youth:

CERIC's The Early Years: Career Development for Young Children (resources for both educators and families):

OECD-OCDE's Career Readiness project (check out the “What’s New?” column for a policy brief and working papers exploring the youth perspective on work and recommendations for schools, courtesy of thought leaders such as Anthony Mann):

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