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UN World Mental Health Day - 10 October SDGs/Global Goals 3

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

World Mental Health Day a day designated by United Nations and World Health Organization on October 10.

In the covid pandemic we are not only facing with covid cases, but the sad reality is rise in mental health cases as well. Sadly, work related stress is high around the globe. Employee well-being and mental health care is the pre-requisite for organizational productivity. Qs. How are we advocating and ensuring conducive mental health care at workplace? Here are guiding questions to reflect: It starts with acceptance and ensuring a positive culture at the organization 1. What systems are in place at the organization for employees well-being / coping? 2. Do we have organizational psychologists / trained career development staff at the workplace for employee counselling? 3. To ensure work-place civility is an ombudsperson available to mediate when necessary? 4. Is an employee assistance program- EAP available and in practice? 5. Is workplace career coaching available for employees to enhance their productivity? 6. Are employees capacited in evidence- based hope to be optimistic and pragmatic? 7. Are we capacitating leaders for empathy and adaptive leadership? 8. Does the workplace promote psychological safety? These are some actionable items for employee engagement and productivity. As a corporate facilitator that is fortunate to develop diverse programs for employee engagement and leaders will be happy to have a conversation lets connect. #workplacehealth #behavioralhealth #worldmentalhealthday2021 #employeeengagement #employeemotivation #employeeretention #WHO #UNInternationalCareersLivelihoodDay #UNdays

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