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UN World Children's Day - 20 November SDGs/Global Goals 3, 4, 11, & 13+

November 20 was World Children’s Day; Why We Should Take Notice More Than Ever.

The Indigenous (Haudenosaunee) Seventh Generation Principle comes to mind when I think about future generations and sustainability: That we need to make intentional choices to ensure the next seven generations can continue to thrive. Source:

Given the recent natural disasters around the globe, there is an increased urgency to advance every United Nations Sustainable Development Goal, and in particular Sustainable Cities and Communities (SDG 11) and Climate Action (SDG 13). For the sake of our children, their children, their grandchildren and beyond, every effort we make now towards the SDGs matters more than ever.

Addressing complex global issues require interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary efforts. We need to come together, leverage our respective expertise and talents, and advocate for systemic solutions that require ongoing synergies.

In this way, I encourage you to reflect upon how you are making an impact and positive choices in your current career/field of work and how you may continue to expand upon your efforts to help seven generations ahead of you.

The choices we make throughout our careers transcend beyond an individual level and reveal the reality that everyone has a responsibility through their personal and professional roles to help tackle these urgent global issues.

PS. I dedicate this post to my favourite child in the world: my Spiderman, matcha, sashimi, and dog loving toddler who also celebrates his birthday today (November 20).

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