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UN International Day for Universal Access to Information - 28 September SDGs/Global Goals 4

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Let’s unite in the celebrations, today is the United Nations International Day for Universal Access to Information.

Universal access to information is the prerequisite for an enlightened progressive society and it is imperative especially in the COVID pandemic. International Day for Universal Access to Information | United Nations

Sharing guiding questions to reflect upon:

As a career development sector professional what careers come in our mind when we advocate for Universal access to information around the globe? Career Pathways can be media, journalism, communication etc.

How can career development professionals ensure universal access to information in their career development institutional practice? Are career services accessible and available for the rural and urban communities?

Which futuristic careers are associated with universal access to information?

These are some conversation starters to ignite a meaningful career conversation dialogue on UN International Days and their integration to career development sector as well as impact to UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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